Darwin Scholarship Programme 2016


The FSC is delighted to announce its Darwin Scholarship Programme for 2016. This year they will be offering two venues for the programme: UK and Brazil.

  • Darwin Scholarship UK – this programme in now in its 9th year and offers participants the opportunity to explore and learn about a wide range of taxonomic groups, learn new skills in species identification, recording and monitoring, and how to communicate biodiversity to a wide audience. The programme includes workshops by some of the UK’s leading experts as well as visits to the National History Museum and Down House (where Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species).
  • Darwin Scholarship Latin America – this is a new scholarship programme for 2016. Based in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, the programme will focus on taxonomy and conservation biology in the tropics. It will feature a range of workshops to identify, record and monitor different taxa, how to create your own identification guides, and how to communicate biodiversity to a wide audience. The programme will be delivered by local experts and FSC staff.

You will find full details of both programmes below:

Darwin Scholarship Programme details (pdf) or visit http://www.field-studies-council.org/



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