Sustaining Urban Metabolism: Science Teachers Planting Trees in Water Quality Lesson Plans

Interested in learning more about our last month’s teacher training activities in Nikaia and Galatas on «Advances in Urban Environmental management»? Then read the great blog post by Dr. Theodore Endreny:

This is a dispatch from Theodore Endreny’s sabbatical in Italy….

Greece laid the foundation for modern education with the Socratic method (i.e., engaging in critical thinking to eliminate faulty hypothesis), the Academy (i.e., Plato created a free institution for students to collectively engage with instructors in higher learning), and the Lyceum (i.e., Aristotle established a learning environment for active learners, also called the Peripatetic school). This year Greece constructed a high priority educational initiative on this foundation, one dedicated to training teachers, and by extension the students, in sustainable ways to reduce urban pollution. As part of the Fulbright Intercountry Lecture exchange between Greece and Italy, I had the chance to represent the i-Tree and Parthenope urban metabolism research teams and share important advances in urban environmental management with the school district of Piraeus, near Athens, Greece. Read more HERE.




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